For most dogs, bath time is only slightly less dreadful than trip-to-the-vet time.

Monk the husky has had enough baths in his lifetime to know just how much he hates them, and does his best to talk his owners out of that necessary yet awful task.

Hiding behind fixtures and curtains and lying down in protest don't do much to dissuade his owner, and Monk is forced to yowl "Mooooooooom!" at her like any other angsty teenager.

Sorry, buddy — maybe next time avoid rolling around in the mud at the dog park.

Owner said: ‘He loves to make everything a process and he likes to be dirty too. We sometimes call him Pigpen. ‘When he doesn't get his own way he protests like a baby and throws himself on the floor. It is like living with a testy two-year-old child.’

Despite the initial tantrum, Monk did eventually settle down and his owner was able to wash him. Suzanne said: ‘He was fine once I got him in the shower. He gave me kisses and sat quietly.’

She concluded by saying: ‘I think it is a funny video because we can all relate to this through children and other pets. It is very human-like.’


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