When Dickens the Golden Retriever spotted a fawn in his backyard, he didn't bother worrying that its protective mother might be lurking nearby.

Instead, he saw the opportunity to play.

This heartwarming video captures the moment Dickens spots the young deer near his home in Delhi Hills, Ohio and introduces himself.

And while the fawn might be slightly wobbly on its skinny legs, it was not too bashful to say hello back, hopping towards its new friend with vigour.

'It's lucky he doesn't have teeth!' Laughs Dickens's owner Susan Bill as she films her pet at play near their home. On the video, which has received more than 230,000 hits, she says the dog's motto is 'I'd rather play than obey!'

She tries in vain to get Dickens to come to the house, but only manages to get his attention for moments before he bounds off with his new plaything.


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