Cinnamon the Shiba has a permanent ear-to-ear grin even when she has to visit the vet

Smiles are the one thing that will never go out of style. Not only do they boost your confidence and make you more attractive as a friend and a potential mate, smiling actually fires signals in the brain that make you feel happy, even if the smile is forced.

If there were ever an excuse to ignore all your responsibilities and marathon 30 Rock, then congratulations, guys, this is it. And just in case you need any more inspiration to smile, you can follow the lead of Cinnamon the Shiba, a sick dog who can’t stop smiling. He’s the happiest little critter on the planet and he’s got the mug to prove it.

11-year-old Cinnamon lives in New York, where he is constantly stopped by people on the street for his famous Shiba smile. When he isn’t making friends all over the city, he’s busy on Instagram, chronicling his happy little Shiba adventures.

Cinnamon was diagnosed with glaucoma, which makes it difficult for him to see, but his owners say that even frequent trips to the vet haven’t done anything to damper Cinnamon’s happy ‘tude. Here are a few pictures of Cinnamon chilling in the Big Apple, because we all deserve a little bit of his puppy love today:


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    You made my day, Cinnamon! <3

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