Adorable pictures of it rolling around with its mother have been released

A newborn wolf's attempts to cuddle, paw and wrestle with its mother have delighted crowds at a zoo in the Czech Republic.

Scenes of the days-old pup rolling around in the dirt as its mother supervises it have proved to be particularly popular among families, who have flocked to see the adorable newborn attraction.

Taken at the Olomouc Zoo in the Czech Republic, the baby Arctic wolf is so young it is yet to develop the distinctive white fur like its mother.

The Arctic wolf's striking colouring means it is hugely popular in zoos and other animal attractions. They are found in the wild in all areas throughout the far north, but predominately in Alaska, where they have evolved to inhabit some of the most inhospitable conditions on earth.

So strong is the bond between a mother wolf and her cub, in the wild she will often regurgitate her food in order to feed her offspring. Olomouc Zoo, located in the country's east, is one of the Czech Republic's largest zoos and is also home to many big cats, including lions and tigers.

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