Now that's a bear hug! Adorable cubs playing in long grass lock paws in a loving embrace

 Ever imagined the perfect bear hug? These two playful cubs seem to have come very close. The young animals were seen locking paws in a loving embrace in Lake Clark, Alaska.

The pair, spotted by amateur photographer Greg Morgan, seemed friendly at first.But, just seconds later, they began showing their teeth and started scrapping in the long grass.

They rolled around in the field for around five minutes before running off. The US state, also known as The Last Frontier, has the highest amount of brown bears in the U.S., and is home to roughly 98 per cent of the country's entire population of the species.

One thing that makes Alaska so special is that all three species of North American bears flourish here. There is a chance that you may be lucky enough to see a bear. But even if you don't, you will never be far from one, because Alaska is bear country.

By learning about the lives of black bears, brown bears (including grizzly), or polar bears, you will enhance your enjoyment of these species. Whether you are learning about bears for the purpose of hunting, viewing, travelling safely, or deterring bears from your property, the more you know the better.

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