Just taking a nap! The rare albino foxes were spotted taking a nap in the summer sunshine in the garden of a house in Brixton

These bright white foxes would look more at home in the Arctic but the tiny cubs were spotted sleeping in a back garden in Brixton.

The napping pair look more like Arctic foxes which are usually only found in extremely cold parts of the northern hemisphere. However, their more likely to be albinos of the common red foxes that we see every night in Britain.

Albinos are extremely rare in foxes, more so than in many other species, but it's even rarer to see two together as it's extremely unlikely that more than one will be born in a single litter.

They're also all the more visible to predators so it's sadly uncommon for them to survive into adulthood.

But these two can probably afford to be a little more carefree than some wild foxes as there are few predators in London that would pose a threat to them.


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