It's tough being a pug puppy: There are so many new things to learn, so many balls to chase and SO MANY naps to take.

A video posted to YouTube yesterday by ignoramusky shows six pugs lined up side by side for a cozy snooze fest — and it squeezes so much cuteness into 87 seconds that we can hardly take it.

The Pug is one of the oldest breeds of dog; has flourished since before 400 BC.The Pug's comical face, with deep wrinkles around big, dark eyes and a flat round face, can't help but make you smile. It is believed that the Pug's name comes from the Latin word for "fist" because his face resembles a human fist. (Source)

Pugs are clowns at heart, but they carry themselves with dignity. Pugs are playful dogs, ready and able for games, but they are also lovers, and must be close to their humans. Pugs love to be the center of attention, and are heartsick if ignored.

Personality-wise, Pugs are happy and affectionate, loyal and charming, playful and mischievous.


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