Adorable Video Proves Seals Are The Puppies Of The Sea

Imagine swimming in the ocean when suddenly you're surrounded by creatures from the deep ... snuggly seals who just want to kiss your face, that is.

In this video uploaded to Facebook earlier this month, a group of divers got the best surprise ever when a bunch of friendly seals popped up to say hello and give kisses.

In fact, these seals might have been a little TOO friendly ...

It turns out seals are just huge cuddlebugs, and all they wanted to do was play with these new friends ... kind of like goofy, wet puppies. This isn't the first time friendly seals have introduced themselves to people — there's a seal on a French beach who loves to cuddle with unsuspecting dogs, and seal pups have been known to climb on top of people and snuggle if their mom's not around.

The best place to see a happy seal is in the wild.


Video by @Julián Bala
Posted by Ocean Reality on Thursday, July 9, 2015

Responses to "A Bunch Of Wild Seals Attack Divers With Lots Of Cuteness"

  1. cindy Beville says:

    O'h my gosh so much Love, wish I was one of those divers <3

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sealed with a kiss

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