Experience is the best teacher of all! Go out and live it! -Siberian Husky

If Siberian Husky has come across your path; You are being reminded that it is not always the destination that is important. The journey towards your destination is equally important if not more important than actually getting there. Making the right choices now can greatly ease your experience and expediate any conflict and hardship along the way. Use your instincts to guide you and always stay centered to your sense of what is home to you. You have the inner strength and knowing to tread lightly through difficult terrain and to navigate through without leaving destruction in your wake.

If Siberian Husky is your Animal Totem; You have an outgoing personality coupled with intelligence, instinct and gentleness. You understand fully that it is the journey that is important and that life has a way of showing you that you can overcome hardship if you use your survival instincts and intuition. You have an affinity for nature and live with nature consciously. You love to recycle, re-use, and re-purpose everything and anything you can get your hands on. Many of you are environmentalists and nature crusaders.

If Siberian Husky has come into your dreams; To dream of a Husky pulling you along in a sled signifies the completion of a journey, situation or relationship. You have successfully completed your transformation. To dream of a Husky curled up sleeping in the snow signifies that you have the knowledge within you to successfully navigate any hardship that the universe may throw at you. Trust your instincts and intuition. To dream of many Huskies surrounding you and barking signifies the need to discern your own truth from those of you peers. Listen to your own intuition – simply because the only journey that is important to you is your own.

Additional Associations of Siberian Husky; Inner Strength -Journeys- Intuition - Observation -Cooperation - Instinct- Survival -Service- Environmental Stewardship- Inner Knowledge- Leadership through Hardship- Finding Joy in Harsh Environments- Unconditional Love and Acceptance Embracing Challenge (Source)

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