As far back as memory allows, David Yorke's desire was to become an artist. Inspired by paintings from his great, great uncle and encouraged by his family, he went on to receive his formal art training at the University of Florida.

 Still continuing his passion for painting, he freelanced as a book illustrator. By this time David had gained enough versatility as an artist/designer, that the Disney Studios in Florida hired him in 1995.

Working on various projects, he was later given the opportunity to work on the film "Mulan," and eventually found his niche as a full time animation background painter. Nine years and five films later, the studio was closed in 2004. For the first time in his career, David decided to leave the corporate art world and become a full-time fine artist.

Having traveled extensively throughout the west over the past 30 years, David has explored, photographed and developed a fascination with the rugged scenery and people of the west. Painting primarily from photographs, he regularly attends period reenactments, posing models for his figurative works, while combining elements from various locations.

David's original art Visit Gallery Here 

David has been recognized by the National Park Academy of the Arts and has been included in their top 100, 200 and Miniature Landscape Exhibitions, also receiving an Award of Merit in 2003. He was chosen as one of the “Top 10 Artists to Watch in 2008” by Southwest Art Magazine.

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    Absolutely fantastic. So real looking.

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    Stunning talent

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    Beautiful work love it...

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    I admire the 3d quality with his subtle high lights, and shadowing....and the expressions.... as well as the variety of tribal d├ęcor, and clothing.....

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    How Divine
    Thank You !

  7. Yes - amazing talent!

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