Lady Bug & Princess Leia meet Moo the barn cat

You can't impress everybody -- especially not Moo, the barn cat.

A video uploaded to YouTube features 1-week-old goat kids Lady Bug and Princess Leia meeting Moo for the first time at the Sunflower Farm Creamery in Maine. While the adorable young goats bounce around trying to get the kitty's attention, Moo is all "been there, seen that."

The kids jump and hop around the feline, because all they want is a little love from their cat pal. But their efforts are futile. Moo is just like, *flop.* She's clearly more concerned with catching some zzz's.

The kids end up hopping around with each other and having a grand ol' time because you can't live ya life for somebody else.

Keep on jumping, little ones. And know that we're always here to watch you play.

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