While visiting a park in Oslo, Norway with his dog, Nero, Frode Riis Corneliussen filmed this mischievous crow nip Nero's tail. Apparently, this game of tag went on for quite a while.

Animals are often cheeky, but this crow takes things one step further by bullying an animal more tan twice its size.

The poor dog is patient at first, but even the most stoic of pups can only take so much. So Nero barks. And he chases. And the crow ... doesn't leave.

Unbeknown to it however it is being stalked from behind by a crow, who shuffles silently up towards it and without warning makes a lunge for its tail.

Hooded crows are very closely related to the carrion crow and the two species sometimes interbreed. Hooded crows are opportunists, eating whatever is available - berries, shellfish, eggs, insects and carrion. They are very smart and have been seen to drop shells from a great height to smash them open, and to pull in fishing lines to steal the catch or the bait.


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