This is the dramatic moment a small dog was swept off a cliff face in Hawaii by an enormous wave.

The canine was making its way down the picturesque China Walls in Maunalua Bay, Honolulu, in an apparent bid to track down its owner - who had dived into the water - when a huge wave struck.

The terrified animal, which had made a last-ditch attempt to scramble up from a rocky ledge onto higher ground, was instantly swept away by the mass of water, emerging several meters away.

Seconds later, another gigantic wave struck, plunging the dog beneath the ocean's surface again. When it finally reemerged, the canine was seen paddling forward, desperately trying to stay afloat. The startling footage was captured by a drone, which was flying over China Walls at the time.

Fortunately, a man swimming in the ocean - believed to be the dog's owner - was made aware of the incident and immediately swam toward his pet, which was being swept further out to sea. As soon as it spotted its owner, the dog started paddling frantically toward him.


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