A very brave man risked being sprayed with a very unpleasant odor. Though the man was petrified of being sprayed, he gently freed the little guy — who happily ran to hide under a nearby car while onlookers applauded.

Save Wildlife - Rinse and Recycle. Rinse all recyclable glass and plastic containers to remove any food remnants or odors. Even containers you′re going to throw away should be thoroughly rinsed before disposal to avoid attracting wildlife to your trash.

Cut and Crush. Plastic containers should be cut and/or crushed before you put them in your garbage or recycling bin.

Close and Cover. Make sure plastic food wrap is rinsed and contained inside a closed garbage bag. Never throw plastic packaging in open trashcans. Put garbage out for collection in plastic or metal trash containers with secure covers.

Rescue VIDEO

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  1. Lovely to see someone with common sense,and wanting to help this poor soul....

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