Sixteen orphan bear cubs learn how to become wild again at IFAW's Orphan Bear Rescue Center in Bubonitsy, Russia.

 In the early stages of rehab, the bears are bottle-fed, given ample time to play, and kept in temperature-controlled environments that mimic a mother bear's den.

Brown bears in Russisa face threats including habitat loss and hunting — some of these cubs may have lost their mothers to trophy hunters who left babies to starve in the wild. Some of the cubs at the rehab center arrive when they're only days old.

They're cared for until they're old enough (and experienced enough) to be released into the wild.

There are 16 cubs at the rehab center — so they get the chance to cuddle and play with other baby bears. That doesn't mean they don't need a break from each other sometimes.

Watch baby bears bottle-feed and play

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