Not Even Ocean Waves Can Stop This Social Seal And Dog From Exchanging Polite Hellos

Seals and dogs are both notoriously friendly, so it's little surprise that they'd become friends upon meeting.

A recent video shows a curious seal and playful dog bonding over some shared beach playtime. The little seal glides through the breaking waves while the dog bounces in and out of the surf. At one point, the seal appears to "boop" the dog on the nose repeatedly with his flipper.

Dogs and pinnipeds appear to have a special gift when it comes to crossing species barriers.

Note: The Caniformia, or Canoidea (literally "dog-like"), are a suborder within the order Carnivora. They typically possess a long snout and nonretractile claws (in contrast to the cat-like carnivorans, the Feliformia). The Pinnipedia (seals and sea lions) evolved from caniform ancestors and are accordingly assigned to this group.


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