Animal lovers have rejoiced at the news that a landmark step has been taken by the residents of a small Spanish town to recognise cats and dogs as 'non-human residents'

 It may only have a population of 330 residents but the town of Trigueros del Valle has taken the extraordinary decision after the town's people unanimously voted in favour of the unusual act.

The mayor said: 'Dogs and cats have been living among us for over a 1,000 years.The mayor must represent not just the human residents but must also be here for the others.'

In what will be a landmark move for animal rights in Spain, few details on the new rule has emerged, with questions remaining over how the act will affect the rights for owners to put down seriously ill pets.

Delighted: Cats and dogs have been declared as 'non-human residents' following a vote in the Spanish town 

The main reason behind the animal rights vote in Trigueros appears to be designed for tackling bullfighting rather than the rights of popular pets like cats and dogs.

Under the new act, the town has banned 'any action that causes the mutilation or death of a non-human resident'. 

Responses to "Spanish town gives cats and dogs the same rights as humans "

  1. So, if one runs under my car do I get tried for catslaughter?

  2. Unknown says:

    What a wonderful town! Ive seen so much mutilation of bulls. And hunting dogs in Spain. This gives me hope. What a,wonderful mayor!

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