The rangers believe this is the first time behaviour like this has ever been recorded in the wild.

 The bizarre moment a cat-like wild genet hitched a ride on some of Africa’s biggest beasts has been captured by a hidden camera trap.

Researchers have captured footage of a wild genet riding a rhino - and say the same animal has also been travelling by buffalo. Experts say the creature may be using the animal to avoid predators - or just catch a lift.

'This is similar behaviour to Cattle Egrets following animals which disturb insects as they walk.' Whether or not the genet is also picking ticks from off the rhino and buffalo it is riding is still unclear.

'Funnily though this genet’s ride is interrupted by the black rhino being spooked by something it smells or sees and Genet Jackson manages to stay on, Rodeo style! 'This grumpy rhino certainly didn’t make things easy for our hitch hiking friend.'


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