Lithuanian photographer Raggana is the master behind these beautifully surreal portraits that pay tribute to the complicated yet beautiful connection between humans and nature.

 Inspired by the natural surroundings where she grew up, Raggana has dedicated her creative work to express her feelings towards nature and her homeland at large.

“My work is not about a twinkle here and now that we usually see,” Raggana wrote. “It’s like an illusion to the eye, invisible but felt as a moment. Each portrait is a little message to the world. A message to open our eyes and start creating images of all human senses.”

"City is just a safe illusion, fortress, where we can hide and create a suitable comfort zone. Forests are not as dark and ugly as many of you think. Swamps won’t swallow you. The wolves, they will never attack you and rip out your heart. Everywhere is a connection. Just for that connection we must indulge all our heart and be a part of it." Artist says.



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