This is a very old and classic traditional Navajo love song sung by one of the most famous Navajo singers, Edward Lee Natay.

Ed Lee Natay had gained a reputation as a clear-voiced singer of traditional Native American songs when he was asked to record the soundtrack for a musical play presented by the Phoenix Little Theater.

Recording under the direction of Ray Boley, Natay's interpretation of Navajo, Hopi, Kiowa, Tewa, Zuni, and Pueblo songs were so impressive that Boley was inspired to produce an eight-song album, Navajo Singer, that became the first album released on the Canyon record label. A half century later, Canyon has grown into one of the top producers of Native American recordings with a catalog that includes more than 600 albums.

In 1951, the Phoenix Little Theater asked Ray and Mary Boley, owners of a small recording studio in Phoenix, to record a performance there by a Navajo singer, Ed Lee Natay. The Boleys were so mesmerized by Natay’s show that they decided to record an album of his music. That album, Natay, Navajo Singer marked the birth of Canyon Records.


Navajo Word For:  I Love You

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