In a complex and highly delicate operation, carried out with military precision, four wild Przewalski’s horses have been returned to their native steppes, the Gobi desert region of southern Mongolia.

 The Return of Wild Horses project was first launched in 2011 and this month, in a collaboration between Prague Zoo and the Czech Army, a fourth group of the rare breed was prepared for the arduous journey from the Kbely military air transportation base in Prague to Bulgan.

The 24-hour journey required two stopovers for re-fuelling, with the horses, named after a Russian explorer and naturalist during an expedition, being moved from Prague Zoo to an acclimatisation centre, Dolni Dobrejov, some 50 miles from the capital.

All four mares will stay in their paddock for one year as part of their preparation for the return to the wild, eventually helping to expand the heads of the last surviving wild horses in the world.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That is wonderful, now if we can just preserve the mustangs in the US without the government allowing every cattleman in the west to take their grazing land.

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