Herd of horses took in a lonely penguin as one of their own when it was separated from friends in the Falklands

Nuzzling up together on the frosty ground in the Falkland Islands, this might seem like the most unlikely of friendships.

But this herd of horses took in a lonely penguin as one of their own and snuggled up with their curious new companion. They were also seen playfully chasing after the bird as it stretched out its wings and waddled along the white-topped turf.

The horses also craned their necks and touched their noses with the penguin's beak in the heart-warming snaps.

Sarah Crofts, of the Falklands Conservation group, took the pictures when she spotted the unusual alliance as she was feeding her three horses. They were taken at the Cape Pembrokeshire Nature Reserve, five miles outside of Stanley, the country's capital city.

Responses to "Touching moment herd of horses adopt a lost penguin into their group (Photos)"

  1. Unknown says:

    pure love and understanding for help

  2. Anonymous says:

    If only humans could get along like different breeds (and "colors") of sweet would that be? animals are better than humans - humans should LEARN from the animals!

  3. Unknown says:

    Well not to compare myself to a penguin, and this is a heart warming situation for this penguin, but I too have had a similar experience, so has many other people i'm sure. I've been taken in by my friend and his family. In fact there are still cultures around the world, thought they're rare, that shelter a person in need of a home and protection. It is truly a blessing to give and to receive in such an experience.

  4. why not..horses get on with most animals.well my horse does .magpies,dogs,sheep ect

  5. pilvikki says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Heartwarming! Hope the little guy will meet up with his penguin family in the future. Meanwhile, he's not alone, thanks to these gentle, kind horses. :) <3

  7. Anonymous says:

    Animals are constantly showing us how we should live. I hope more people wake up.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Rudy. It's wonderful that the horses took in the penguin, but there are people who need to be acknowledge too. When I worked for the welfare department, I met so many people who took in people who weren't related to them. Mankind isn't always as bad as it seems.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Rudy and anonymous about people taking in other people. I also worked in the welfare office and saw so many people take in people they weren't related to. I wish there was some way to let people know that there are great people out there, but maybe, they don't do it for acknowledgement. I wish all of us could learn more from inter-species friendships.

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