Project 562 Aims To Photograph Every Native American Tribe In The United States

With Project 562, photographer Matika Wilbur aims to document every federally-recognized tribe in the United States, and she has just secured funding for Phase II of her project (thanks in no small part to a post on the mega-popular website Upworthy).

As she explains at the Project 562 Kickstarter page  Wilbur hopes the massive undertaking will "serve to educate the nation and shift the collective consciousness toward recognizing our own indigenous communities." She goes on:

Imagine walking through an exhibit and realizing the complex variety of contemporary Native America. Imagine experiencing a website or book, that offered insight into every Tribal Nation in the United States.

What if you could download previously untold histories and stories from Apaches, Swinomish, Hualapai, Northern Cheyenne, Tlingit, Pomo, Lumbee, and other first peoples? What if you had heard those stories in grade school?  You can learn more about all of this at the Matika Wilbur's official site.

 Photo Credit Matika Wilbur - Facebook

VIDEO Project 562: Changing The Way We See Native America

Responses to "14 Remarkable Portraits of Native America from Project 562"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful

  2. This is an awesome endeavor and I see you have been to our home, the Northern Cheyenne Rez. People need to see us as we are and our business Cheyenne Trailriders has brought guests from every part of the world to share our lives for 24 years. So many Native American's have done outstanding things people are totally unaware of such as Major Robinson who is responsible for the construction and design of the "Dr. Seuss" ride at Universal Studios in Florida and helped to bring to life Sanrio Puroland in Japan (another theme park.) So much intelligence, beauty, history and culture. Thank you for showing the world!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hope you will capture the Tuscarora tribe/ from the Iroquois 6 Nations.

  4. What an awesome project! Come to Oklahoma the 1st full week of August (especially on Monday) to photograph Seneca Cayuga people! Walk around our camps, we'll feed you everywhere you go ��

  5. Wonderful!

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