This is the adorable moment a 20-day-old Alaskan puppy learned how to howl to ward off polar bears from its remote home in Canada.

The dog is seen sitting on her owner's chest as he tries to sound out a cry, carefully watching him before mimicking the noise itself.

Throwing her head backwards, the puppy, named Belka, then lets out her own little whimper. 'Her mom's name is Laika which means barker in Russian and was one of the first animals sent into space by the Russians. Its owner, who shared the clip on YouTube, said the puppy's mother only cried when polar bears approached their home in Churchill, Manitoba, a remote section of the coast in Canada.

'Belka means Squirrel in Russian, my husband named her that for the colour of her coat,' wrote the owner on the video sharing website.

'Laika is actually a very quiet dog and usually only barks when a polar bear is near our yard as we live in Churchill, Manitoba, polar bear capital of the world.'


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