Playful Photos of Polar Bears Frolicking in Flower Fields During Summer

Although we're used to seeing polar bears inhabiting snowy, icy landscapes during the winter, we rarely think about these majestic beasts in any other environments as the seasons change.

As summer rolls around, though, it can be amazing to see the kind of shenanigans the furry creatures get themselves into. Polar bears in Northern Canada's Hudson Bay can be found playing in gorgeous flower fields, munching on freshly caught fish, and hunting beluga whales.

While staying at lodges run by Churchill Wild in Manitoba, Canada, wildlife and nature photographer Dennis Fast captured these incredible shots of polar bears frolicking in fields of fireweed.

Surrounded by bright flowers, the playful bears can be seen rolling around, napping, and poking their heads up amongst the blooms.

Come early autumn, polar bears start to wait for ice to reform in the bay so they can return to their winter hunting grounds, but for at least a short time in the summer, they get a chance to enjoy the sunshine and blossoms.

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  1. These are absolutely beautiful photos

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    beautiful! thank you so much for sharing

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    love this wow amazing!!!!

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    Beautiful animals and beautiful fotos, thankyou for sharing with us.

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    in my language polar bears are icebears. which would make an automatic pun with the fireweed...
    lovely shots!

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    One word - wonderful!

  8. wonderful

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    Gorgeous pictures!

  10. Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing with us. Lovely to see these bears 'smelling the roses' .... or whatever! :)

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