Courageous family saves rogue deer from frigid water. Once in a lifetime moment captured by team of un-trained heroes. Baby doe pulled from mother nature's grasp goes on to live a long prosperous life in the wild.

 It's not every day that a family outing on the boat turns into an opportunity to save an animal's life. The Welsh family happened to be out on the lake when they spotted a baby deer struggling to stay afloat, treading water far from shore.

As someone on the boat filmed, one of the guys swam out to the tiny fawn and tried to bring her to safety. You could hear her frightened cries.

Deer have powerful noses that help moms find their babies again — so hopefully this tiny fawn's family was nearby, waiting for her to get back on dry land.

The Welsh family pulled their boat close to the shore and carried their furry little passenger back to to safety. She paused for a moment before bounding off happily into the trees. Thanks humans!

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