But I don't want to get wet! Steel the husky throws a temper tantrum after being placed in the bath tub and howls the house down

 Bathing can be an unpleasant experience for any animal, but this pooch appears to dislike having a quick dip more than the average pet. According to the dog's owners, Steel the husky throws a fit even before bath time begins.

And judging by this video, things do not get much easier for anyone involved once the pooch is lifted inside the tub.

Captured on camera in California, America, the unhappy husky sits in the bath looking at the floor as if considering jumping out.

The three-year-old pooch immediately begins howling in annoyance as his owner stands alongside him and brushes his long coat.


Responses to "Husky tries to tell his owner exactly what he thinks of bathtime"

  1. DStrong says:

    I don't think I really need a bath. I feel ok without one. Really I am ok without one.

  2. bmfilip says:

    That is cute.

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