An elderly lion, saved after a lifetime of suffering in the cold confines of a cage, has been seen offering a remarkable sense of compassion to another creature — something his captors had denied so long to him.

Earlier this year, Guero the lion was rescued from a private zoo in Mexico where he'd spent years all alone in confinement, showing signs of psychological and physical torment. The lion's teeth become worn down to nubs from gnawing on the bars that lined his cage. He also had a broken neck that had been left untreated.

Death seemed close by the time help arrived. A local animal welfare group was fortunately able to secure Guero's release, after which they contacted The Wild Animal Sanctuary, in Colorado, in hopes of finding him a better place to live. Soon enough, the aging lion was flown to the United States to receive some much needed medical care — and to begin his new life of peace and dignity on the sanctuary grounds.

It's only been a few short months since Guero arrived, but the regal big cat has already begun to settle in at his sprawling new home — seeming to relish in the companionship of the sanctuary's other animal residents. Amazingly, despite the cruelty he was made to endure, Guero's heart is still full of love.

The lion has struck up a sweet little friendship with the most unlikely critter — a squirrel with whom he is happy to share his food. "Every day Güero loves to get a little whipping cream after he finishes his meat, and the squirrel has decided he likes the whipping cream just as much!" the sanctuary wrote on Facebook. "It's been a scene we see repeated more and more often, and we wanted to share the 'sweet' bond they have with you!"

Guero has already touched countless hearts around the world as a symbol for the horror of animal mistreatment — but as the final chapter in this old lion's story shows, a king's spirit isn't so easily broken.

Lion and Squirrel dine together...
Video Of The Day! Turns out Güero and the 13 striped Ground Squirrel are buddies and Güero is purrrrfectly fine with the little guy sharing his food. Every day Güero loves to get a little whipping cream after he finishes his meat, and the squirrel has decided he likes the whipping cream just as much! It's been a scene we see repeated more and more often, and we wanted to share the "sweet" bond they have with you!
Posted by The Wild Animal Sanctuary on Saturday, August 8, 2015

Responses to "Lion Freed From Lonely Cage Makes An Unlikely New Friend"

  1. Anonymous says:

    i really hate so many nasty people who should know better in the horrific treamtnet of out most precious animals on this planet i cant understand their mentallity to be so cruel i just hope hwen their time comes that they suffer in the gates of hell for what they do to Gods creatures i am however thankful to the people that saved this beautiful lion and hope for the rest of his life he has peace and health and love As HUMANS WE SHOULD BE DOING MORE TO SAVE THEM not sitting back and ignoring and ignoring whats being doen join please a gruop who work tirelessly to save these animals i support IFAW and have bene for many years to help prevent cruelty to all out endangered animals plase do the same thankyou Val in Perth Western Australia

  2. dee says:

    Beautiful the wisdom of age in all animals maybe cruelty endured does teach us something about life hang in there because you never know what friend you'll meet and where you may live someday

  3. Anonymous says:

    This Is Y I Respect The United States & Australia So Much, In This Regard,
    I BELIEVE IN YOU GUYS, Thankyou <3 ;) <3

    Nathan Lyall From Pakistan .....

  4. Anonymous says:

    As an animal advocate and defender of animal rights through petitions and online postings, I am deeply touched by this sweet and gentle broken and abused lion Guero befriending what looks like a chipmunk to me. The world of cruel and abusive people who trophy hunt and poach is a world needing vigilant justice and swift eradication because all wild animals are dying off due to habitat destruction and just being senselessly killed. People need to do all they can to stop animal abuse and both local and international poaching. Petition governments and organizations and do speak honestly as to why poaching and ill treatment of animals must stop. Sincerely, Alan Braganza

  5. Anonymous says:

    People who do this to any animal should receive the same kind of treatment. Live on Guero. You are the king !!!!!

  6. Poor baby. Remember what you give out you will recieve

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful to see Guero enjoying his life after many years of abuse. The compassion shown to the chipmunk is heartwarming. Live long and prosper, Guero! - As WWF has reported, over 50% of our planet's wildlife has disappeared over the last 40 years due to human interference. 'We' as a world society, need to do something NOW to protect and conserve the remaining 'less then 50%'. The shockingly ruthless 'sport' (?) of trophy hunting has to be banned for starters! - Is the extinction of a species not as important as a 'chest thumping' human's trophy room? :(

  8. Unknown says:

    So sweet....... so pleased the sweet old fellow has a happy home...

  9. our treatment of animals is inconsolable.

  10. I am so appreciative of the people who rescue abused animals, I hope one day the cruelty of man will end so we don't need rescues. The magnificent lion will be able to live the life of love he deserves.

  11. Lovely story with happy ending

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