Family stunned to find black bear taking a dip in their garden… before it warmed itself up in their hot tub

 Denise Diering didn't expect to see a big black bear standing at the edge of her swimming pool when she looked out the back door of her North Vancouver home late on Monday afternoon. When she looked back, the bear slid into the pool, then climbed into the adjoining hot tub for a quick soak.

The bear was said to have bathed itself for around 15 minutes before it decided to continue with its day and head off back into the wild.

While in the pool the bear appears to groom its paws intently and is completely unaware of the fact it is being watched – a shocked Denise can be heard whispering throughout.

The bear then looks at the hot tub and climbs over the wall between the two pools of water – Tony responds this time, and laughs in surprise.


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