Raven Meets One Extremely Patient Wolf

Very few mammals have symbiotic relationships with other animals. One of the few exceptions is the raven and the wolf. Ravens are sometimes known as "wolf-birds" because they form social attachments with wolves.

Where there are wolves, there are often ravens that follow wolves to grab leftovers from the hunt, and to tease the wolves. They play with the wolves by diving at them and then speeding away or pecking their tails to try to get the wolves to chase them.

The wolf and the raven have a complex relationship that is many thousands of years old. Although the wolf had been missing from Yellowstone since the 1940's, the raven had not forgotten the wolf and what their relationship meant for both of them.

With the reintroduction of the wolf into Yellowstone National Park, the old ways are once again practiced by both.

Wolves and ravens have long been connected in folklore and fact. The Nordic God Odin is often represented sitting on his throne, flanked by his two wolves Geri and Freki and two ravens Huggin and Munin.


Responses to "Raven Obsessed With Wolf's Tail "

  1. Unknown says:

    How patient was that wolf and how soft will be the lining of the Ravens nest.u

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Wolf and Raven have spiritually bonded long ago. I love Ravens and their jokester personalities.

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