Gentle Pit bull takes care of little turkey trapped in a corner

When many people think of Pit Bulls, they imagine large, tough dogs who have a reputation for being ferocious and mean. Thinking that these dogs are inherently vicious, people avoid adopting this breed believing that they are dangerous and don’t make good pets.

Sadly, these stereotypes surrounding Pit Bulls and Pit-mixes originate from dogs who are trained to be aggressive in fighting rings. Irresponsible Pit Bull owners often take advantage of their dog’s loyalty and force them to attack other dogs in the name of “sport,” and these cruel actions from a small sect of people leads to the marginalization of these dogs.

In reality, any dog who is given the proper care and love that they deserve has the potential to make a wonderful pet, and Pit Bulls are no exception. Just take a look at these two happy pups featured in this video. These lucky dogs get to share their home with a flock of baby turkeys and are more than happy to step in and act as nannies for the little birds.

Seeing this Pit Bull interact with the baby birds is sure to bring a smile to your face. So, still think all Pit Bulls are vicious? …We didn’t think so.

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  1. so beautiful and the essence of a pibble

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