Remote trail cameras have captured images of what California Department of Fish and Wildlife officials believe to be a gray wolf in Siskiyou County.

State wildlife officials say they found evidence that a gray wolf may be roaming the wilds of Siskiyou County.

After receiving reports early this year of possible sightings of a large dark canid, an animal from the family that includes wolves, foxes, coyotes, jackals and dogs, the state Department of Fish and Wildlife set up a number of remote trail cameras in southeastern Siskiyou County.

One of those cameras in May captured an image of what may have been a wolf, but an examination of feces found in the area proved inconclusive, according to the department.

In June, biologists studying deer at a separate location found what appeared to be a wolf track, and placed another trail camera. The area includes national forest and private timberland. On July 24, biologists downloaded photos from that camera that revealed a large animal they believe to be a lone gray wolf.

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