Floyd Red Crow Westerman was known for years as a renaissance man, for his many talents, dedication and passion. A member of the Dakota (Sioux) nation, he was an accomplished actor on the big and small screen for over 20 years, a political advocate for Indian and environmental causes worldwide and a popular singer/songwriter, performing with such stars as Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt, Don Henley and Kris Kristofferson to name just a few.

Here Are 7 Unforgettable Quotes From Floyd Red Crow Westerman

1-"Many people know me through acting, that is some thing I do, but that is not who I am. I am a musician, human rights advocate, and environmental activist. I live for my people,'" Floyd Red Crow Westerman

2- "And I told them not to dig for uranium, for if they did, the children would die. They didn't listen, they didn't listen, they didn't listen to me.

And I told them if the children die, there would be no keepers of the land. They didn't listen.
And I told them if they destroy the sky, machines would come and soon destroy the land. They didn't listen...

And I told them if they destroy the land, man would have to move into the sea. They didn't listen...
And I told them if they destroy the sea – they didn't listen..."

3- There is an ancient Indian saying that something lives only as long as the last person who remembers it. My people have come to trust memory over history. Memory, like fire, is radiant and immutable while history serves only those who seek to control it, those who douse the flame of memory in order to put out the dangerous fire of truth. Beware these men for they are dangerous themselves and unwise. Their false history is written in the blood of those who might remember and of those who seek the truth.

4- “Everybody is so distracted by things for the self. They don’t care about their relatives anymore. The SUV shows how we feel about the environment. To turn this around, we need to go back to the earth and live with the earth spiritually.”

5- The clan mothers ran everything and had the last word. I think that’s the answer.

6- ... we should go back to the old ways to heal.

7- “Before America can heal, it needs to accept its past. With regards to history, the TRUTH will change everything.” — Floyd Red Crow Westerman


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    Wonderful video...RIP

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    Wisdom is awesome.

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