Sometimes the key to keeping unwelcome wildlife at bay is, well, a musical one.

A group of folks enjoying the great outdoors in the wilderness of northern Russia recently had a rather unusual encounter with one of the region's most iconic predators: a very big ol' bear. But instead of running away in fear — or worse, resorting to violence — the campers resolved the situation in what is probably the kindest way possible.

They sang him a song.

According to Russian news outlets, the tune they selected to serenade the bear with was an old Soviet tune titled "Song About Rabbits" — which, appropriately enough, tells the story of rabbits who are not afraid of larger animals. But clearly the bear was not a fan of their musical abilities.

The clip serves as a good reminder of how easily human-bear conflicts can be avoided, just by scaring the bears away. In fact, even if singing is not your thing, simply screaming has been shown to be quite an effective repellent as well.

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