In Spain, an owl and a cat while away the hours with harmless flying and leaping games.

It's a scene that would make Edward Lear proud.

This owl and pussycat really have become the best of friends - and they've attracted almost half a million fans thanks to their video.

The amazing footage shows Fum the cat and Gebra the barn owl playing together in the open countryside. The pair clearly enjoy each other's company - every time Gebra comes in to land, her four-legged friend trots up to greet her with a friendly rub and purr. It is believed the animals get on so well together because they have been pals since they were young.

It is also likely that they have bonded over a mutual instinct to hunt rodents. Clearly Gebra is the boss in this relationship - when Fum gets a little too excited, she gives him a friendly little peck to calm him down.



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