Owner uses a nest cam to monitor his pets

Dogs drool and cats rule — quite literally, in this case.

Proud pet owners Devon Meadows and his wife have been trying to train their little dog, Chazz, to not be so loud and yappy while they are out of the house, but it turns out they aren't the only ones with that goal in mind. Their cat, Greyscale, is apparently also a fan of peace and quiet.

The Meadows recently captured a rather comical little scene on their home monitoring camera system, taken after they'd both left for work, showing how Greyscale teaches the dog to just chill out already. Chazz clearly gets the message.

What Is an Alpha Cat? In the wild, the alpha male is king of the cat colony; others must defer to His Majesty. At your house, the alpha male thinks he runs the show. And maybe he does. If an alpha male cat isn’t pleased, he delights in letting you know.


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