Every now and then a family welcomes a new member, and the original family members have to prepare for that. This cat felt that he was totally prepared for a new family cat to join their loving bunch ... until it wasn't a CAT. It was ... a DOG.

 Cato the cat was sitting at the window, waiting for his dad to bring home his new feline sibling, when his worst fears were realized and that feline was actually a canine. Needless to say, Cato was a little ... shocked.

Of course, I'm sure once the initial shock wears off, Cato will be just fine with his new sibling. It's just, a dog is a BIG surprise ... and Cato was definitely surprised.

Kerry Gillette, Cato's mom, posted in the comments on her YouTube video, "They weren't introduced until MUCH later. Things are obviously a lot better!"

Cato just needed a moment to yell, compose himself ... maybe yell some more, and THEN accept the new dog into the family. God forbid his parents try to bring home another animal though. Cato can probably only handle one surprise at a time.


Responses to "Cat Sees New Family Dog for the First Time: Freaks Out"

  1. Unknown says:

    Love it that cat has class. LOL

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ok, that cat will attack that poor dog and there will never be piece again.

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