What's a little fur between friends? This old Australian shepherd is totally onboard with the sharing economy — when a bird starts to pluck and gather his fur for nest material, he stays very still and keeps smiling.

Really, it's no problem at all. The bird should feel lucky, as he will now have the coziest nest of all time.

NOTE: What birds need for nesting and how you can help: Some birds nest early, some late, and some make several nests each season, so offer nesting materials from early spring through summer. The following will all help make your yard seem nest-worthy:

- Dead trees and branches for cavity nesters (if they pose no hazard) - Twigs (rigid for platform nests and flexible for cup-shaped nests)- Mud (robins, in particular, love a mud puddle!)- Dry grass and straw (not treated with chemicals)

Horse hair (cut in 4-6” lengths)-Pet fur (from animals not treated with flea or tick chemicals)-Moss, bark strips, pine needles, dead leaves, and fluff or down of plants- Snake skins (if you find one laying around, leave it for a bird to discover) - Spider webs and caterpillar silk (stretchy binding material for nests)


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