Amidst a sold out crowd at the Onondaga War Memorial Auditorium on Friday, the Iroquois Nationals bested Team USA having never lost the lead with a final score of 13-9.

Before the game, attendees from all over the world also enjoyed a beautiful opening ceremony that included a massive 4 way projection screen that told the origin of lacrosse, the Iroquois creation story and more.

Haudenosuanee dancers from all Iroquoian nations then performed traditional dances as the International teams were introduced to the crowd.

Nedra Darling from the Daprtment of the Interior was in attendance on Friday. "This is just an incredible event and the energy is fantastic. To think these young lacrosse players have played on the White House lawn to demonstrate the origin of the creator's game and now they are playing for the entire world." Chief and Faithkeeper Oren Lyons also wlecomed the crowd and Tracy Shenandoah gave a welcoming blessing before the Iroquois Nationals and Team USA hit the field.

The Iroquois Nationals vs. Team USA: After an impressive opening ceremony, the Iroquois Nationals took to the arena against Team USA. Eight minutes into the first quarter, the Iroquois Nationals put two points onto the scoreboard via #93 Johnny Powless and #2 Miles Thompson, creating a lead that never would be lost for the rest of the game. The closest Team USA would come would be a 1 point trail at the thrid quarter with a score of 8-7.

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