For those who've seen the musician's selfies with her pets and trippy animal-themed posts on Instagram, Miley Cyrus' most recent plea for animal rights will come as no surprise.

 On Tuesday night, Cyrus called upon her Instagram followers to take action by signing a petition against Canada's massive wolf cull.

In a caption, Cyrus writes that changes are needed "in a world that at times needs to reevaluate its morals when dealing with kindness and compassion towards animals."

In January the British Columbia government began a controversial 5- to 10-year wolf cull, which it claims will protect endangered caribou, one of the wolves' prey. However, the plans have fallen under criticism from wildlife conservationists who argue that killing hundreds of wolves each year isn't the answer.

I ask so much of my fanz, friendz, & family... But I am shameless when it comes to making changes in a world that at times needs to reevaluate its morals when dealing with kindness and compassion towards animals , humanity , and the environment. None of us are perfect! A lot of times our actions are just a result of the unknown BUT I / we are all evolving more everyday (please always lemme know YOUR passions as well I love learning more about what is going on in the world.... half of the solution is understanding the problem) That's why it is all of our responsibility to bring light into the darkness! I am not asking for $ or much of your time just your signature so the government will stop killing these beautiful creatures (which if money is any motivation, over 2 million dollars will go into cruelly murdering the wild wolves) ! We (humans) are over populating while more animals everyday go into extinction! A life with more humans and less animals sounds like a very sad planet.... Sometimes I wish I could move to the moon & take them all with me... Love you all dearly ❤️❤️❤️❤️ take action @ and please #savethebcwolves @braisoncwukong thank you for sharing this major issue with me.... I love you and your big heart and WE as Kongs are going to do something about this! We can't let another winter pass us by without stopping this mass extermination! @pacificwild

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In a blog post for Huffington Post Canada, Chris Genovali, executive director of the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, explained the complex origins of caribou endangerment:

"This unscientific and unethical wolf cull is a consequence of oil and gas development, and industrial logging, which have endangered woodland caribou. … Rather than address the real problem, i.e. the destruction of life sustaining caribou habitat, Alberta has chosen to scapegoat wolves … "

As of Wednesday morning, the petition, organized by Pacific Wild, had reached over 196,000 signatures.

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    STOP This bs they are a beautiful animal and god created them for a reason not for your fur trade and bs

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