"People think pageant girls are just tall, beautiful, and have nothing to say. I have a lot to say." - Ashley Callingbull

1. Ashley Callingbull is the first aboriginal winner of Mrs. Universe.  She's a part of the Enoch Cree Nation of Alberta, Canada. The Enoch Cree Nation is a First Nations band in Alberta that is part of the Cree language group. It is also part of the larger Yellowhead Tribal Development Foundation tribal council. This band controls two reserves – the larger Stony Plain 135 Indian Reserve on the western edge of the City of Edmonton and the smaller Stony Plain 135A Indian Reserve 43 km south of the Town of Barrhead.

She is very devoted to her culture and people, and takes pride in her Native Cree heritage, and has shown this through her volunteer work with community elders and aboriginal youth. By the time Ashley reached 10 years old; she had consecutively won all Enoch’s princess crowns. She is a professionally trained dancer in tap, ballet, jazz, pointe and performed in the Nutcracker.

2-  She's getting political, and she doesn't care if you don't like it. On her first day as Mrs. Universe, she basically urged all First Nations people to vote out the current Canadian prime minister.

Mrs. Universe speaks out against Tory government
“We are being treated like terrorists.”The first First Nations woman to win Mrs. Universe, Ashley Callingbull, speaks out against the Tory government CBC Politics
Posted by CBC News on Wednesday, September 2, 2015

She responded to critics on a Facebook post that got over 12,000 reposts and counting.

After tweeting about political issues affecting the First Nations and encouraging people to vote (shocking, I know), some folks on the Internet were calling her "too political." Well ... she had something to say to them

 3- First Nation Woman and Warrior: She also said this: "We need to all come together and protest what we deserve as human beings. We can't be silenced by our governments."

4- She's a big supporter of No More Stolen Sisters, an organization that is trying to raise awareness about the BIG problem with injustice against indigenous women.

5- Her fierce beliefs, strong character and fearlessness in the face of people who would silence her make her a TRUE beauty

Ashley have an Important Message For Young people - Never Forget Who You ARE

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  1. Unknown says:

    Ashley, continue your fight to make issues public. You have a platform to help all Native People. Stay strong, keep us in the forefront .

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