Photographer was lucky enough to photograph three timber wolf pups aged around two months at the Catoctin Wildlife Preserve in Thurmont, Maryland.

Gray wolves were once found on vast territories of the Northern hemisphere and are now endangered due to habitat loss and hunting.

The species turned out to be more “lucky” as compared to red wolves that were almost on the brink of extinction. A timber white wolf baby cannot be raised at home; the conservation status of the species is threatened.

The Catoctin Wildlife Preserve is supported by the Global Wildlife Trust whose mission is dedicated to broadening human understanding of the animal world.

They strive to provide the highest level of competent care for its resident wildlife ambassadors and to support the conservation of their wild counterparts in unspoiled habitats.

Photos Credit: Dan Callister- Website

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  2. Svava says:

    Beautiful animals! I had a part timber wolf and part German Shepherd dog for 13 years and I loved her so much. She was gorgeous and the best dog ever. She howled like a wolf when the sirens went off.

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