President Obama At Dillingham Middle School Learned How the Yup’ik Dance

At the Dillingham Middle School, President Obama was treated to a youth cultural dance performance. The grade-scool-aged children performed four Yup’ik dances. The Yup’ik are Inuit people and they live in Southwestern Alaska..

Obama sat on the front row, grinning throughout the performance and clapping appreciatively. Sonny Black Eagle (President Obama’s adoptive Crow father, who has passed) would have loved to witness these Yup’ik dances.

The children wore Native headpieces and attire and did an admirable job staying in unison as they sang and danced. Their adult leader, Sophie Woods, explained the songs and a little bit about their culture, telling the crowd that their native language is disappearing. One song focused on honoring berries and another featured the lyrics “Don’t be afraid to play basketball.”

Obama jumped up and danced with the children during the last song. “I’ve been practicing,” he said. Clearly the president had taken a crash course on the routine.

Responses to "President Obama Do a Yup’ik Dance With Native Alaskan Kids"

  1. Crabcakes says:

    It's qo derful. Good to see.

  2. WOW, so good seeing this. I breathed a little easier to not see hate or disdain for others. He is a true American citizen wirh good at his core.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Obama is every thing we need in a president. And as a human being, he’s the BEST!

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