Kumbali the cheetah began losing weight at the age of just two weeks after his mum failed to produce enough milk for all three of her cubs.

Metro Richmond Zoo in Virginia began hand-raising the little cheetah to ensure his survival and it wasn't long before the weak animal made a full recovery.

As Kumbali got older and stronger he started to explore his surroundings but was in need of a friend in which to enjoy the experience with. But because cheetahs are social animals, Kumbali couldn't be left alone, and despite his bonds with humans, he's still a wild animal. So the zoo figured out a way to keep Kumbali company: They rescued a dog no one wanted. His name is Kago.

But it wasn't long before the pair became inseparable, and today they enjoy a happy, if not slightly unlikely, relationship.

Like dogs, cheetahs are sociable animals and the friendship shared between the duo now appears to be a match made in heaven.


Responses to "Abandoned Dog And Rescue Cheetah Become Best Buddies"

  1. Unknown says:

    thats great to see them play together,thanks

  2. Anonymous says:

    That is beautiful to see but for the life of me i cant understand how any human can abandon a beautful pup or dog they dont deserve to breath on this planet as far as i am concerned.Thankfully this beautful pet has been given a lovley pal, to play with and they are having great fun so thank you for rescuing both Val in Perth Western Australia

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