For centuries mankind has misunderstood wolves, be it the cinematic defamations in films like The Grey, or the latest federal delisting of gray wolves from the endangered species list. Wolf hunting season is now underway in several states across the Midwest, and the need to inform has never been greater.

While articles, books and documentaries can surely enlighten us, those outlets don’t seem to do wolves justice when a place like Seacrest Wolf Preserve exists just 80 miles west of Tallahassee.

Wayne and Cynthia Watkins founded Seacrest in 1999. What began as the rescue of a single 8-year-old gray wolf from an abusive owner has blossomed into a nonprofit wolf preserve that is now the largest of its kind in the Southeastern United States.

It is home to several packs of Gray, British Colombian and Arctic Wolves as well as a lone coyote named Pacos.

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Visitors do not solely observe the wolves from outside fencing, but instead, guests are taken inside the enclosures to meet the wolves firsthand, barrier free.

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  1. Marleta Bridges says:

    I love wolves , there so beautiful. And very misunderstood.

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