In the human world, taking something without asking is called "stealing," but if you're Timmy the cat, it's just another day out with your best bud.

The crafty cat burglar was recently caught on video frolicking with a toy tiger he stealthily "borrowed" from a neighbor's house.

According to his owner, it took Timmy two tries to make off with his big plushy pal. "He repeated for two times as the toy is too big," wrote the Slovenia-based YouTube user. "On the second attempt he did it."

Do you have a furry, four-footed thief in your house? Has the paper clip you just set down on the desk suddenly gone missing? Or maybe it’s some food from your plate that has vanished? Your keys? A sock? Your daughter’s hair bow? If you live with a very stealthy but oh, so adorable, feline thief, you’re not alone.

Some cats will steal objects just for the opportunity to play with them. Some objects are so light and can easily be pushed with the slightest touch of a paw that it’s impossible for a playful cat to pass up a chance for a little game. Before you know it though, that rubber band or paper clip ends up under the sofa or stuck under the desk.


Responses to "Cat Sneaks Off With Stuffed Friend To Secret Forest Hideout"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sneaking out to have love time with his stuffed doll. Funny.

  2. Unknown says:

    Everyone deserves a BFF♡♡♡

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