Poor wolf was nearly frozen to death when he was found unable to move in an icy river in Italy.

 A group of kind men waded out in the frigid waters to carry the ailing wolf to shore, a video posted to YouTube shows. As rescuers carry the wolf's limp body up the embankment, it almost seems as though all hope for his survival is lost.

Wolf isn't breathing, and they can't find a heartbeat. People surround the wolf, trying to resuscitate him. A man stands over Navarre, with his hands over the wolf's heart, trying to get it pumping again. A woman leans close to the wolf to see if there's any sign of breath. She even tries to breathe life back into the wolf's mouth.

Watching the footage, the attempt seems hopeless — until a miracle seems to happen: Wolf starts to breathe again. Rescuers set to work warming Navarre, putting him under a blanket and drying his fur with a hair dryer, as they transport him to a recovery center. Wolf's back legs were paralyzed from the cold. Along with the other strides he needed to make in recovery, he would need to relearn how to walk.

His recovery was touch and go, and he had to get a series of tests and treatments. But slowly, Wolf gained strength at the Monte Adone Wildlife Center. He even learned to walk again. At the end of the video, Wolf is shown walking on his own and happily enjoying the snow, as he works to gain enough strength to reenter the wild.


Responses to "Frozen Wolf With No Heartbeat Gets CPR From Fearless Couple"

  1. Anonymous says:

    how wonderful and awsome thanks to the lovley people who saved him you are heroes Val In Perth Western Australia

  2. Unknown says:

    A beautiful group of earth Angels Thankyou for your life saving work and kindness to animals x

  3. It is through the selfless acts of a few good people that we may yet save ourselves.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hear good news about a wolf in this country, some a$$hole will deliberately shoot it! Huge thank you to those who saved this wolf.

  5. Unknown says:

    Thank you for your life saving work and kindness. Mouth to snout CPR would have been faster and safer though.

  6. simply beautiful and a reaffirmation of the good in man...

    thank you♥

  7. Anonymous says:

    Amazing what some will do to save this magnificent animal, while others think nothing of killing these creatures for nothing but a cheap thrill. The world needs more like these rescuers, a lot more.

  8. Unknown says:

    wow, how can the words of thank you be enough ......

  9. Anonymous says:

    Bless him. I needed a good cry tonight.

  10. Unknown says:

    Sometimes we despair, but then we hear a story like this and realise that there is still good to be found in our world.

  11. Unknown says:

    Thank you for letting us know there are still good people in this world. In the US right now, it seems they are few and far between. You have given me hope.

  12. Anonymous says:

    tearful and the kindness these people have for any type of animals,,BLESSED ALL THOSE WHO WILL HELP EVERY ANIMALS

  13. Anonymous says:

    With all the killings so frequently (and rightly so for the awareness they can bring), it is wonderful to see people working so hard to save this beautiful boy.

  14. Unknown says:

    Intrepid Angels on earth,.......WOW!!! Made my week!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    my faith in humanity is restored - may you kind hearted souls multiply - thank you

  16. Anonymous says:

    An amazingly selfless rescue for an intelligent animal deserving to be saved. Thanks to all, who helped in this regard.

  17. michael says:

    Great story,nice people,happy ending.

  18. Unknown says:

    what a beautiful happy end... wonderful job... just great....<3 <3

  19. Unknown says:

    A legend in Native American folklore, the angels were watching over him, until the earth angels came to help him. For all animal lovers throughout the world, we say thank you for your selfless acts of bravery, compassion and your reward was to see Navrene survive and walk again xx

  20. Unknown says:

    wtg most would have given up when they found out he had no heart beat and was not breathing they would have called it a loss but you went the extra mile to save him ty on behalf of all animal lovers

  21. Unknown says:

    Wonderful rescuers & Navarre is lucky to be alive thanks to the warmhearted, compassionate humans.

  22. chicha says:

    Thank you for saving him, so beautiful and such a wonderful story!

  23. Anonymous says:


  24. I knew in my spirit that this Wolf would survive through a MIRACLE FROM THE CREATOR, LORD GOD ALMIGHTY BROUGHT THOSE YOUNG COUPLE ALONG THE WOLF'S PATH AND HE WAS SAVED. I don't know my URL

  25. Adam Pingot says:

    A Thank you is not enough for what these people did. You folks set an example of compassion, caring and love. You are my heroes

  26. Unknown says:

    OMG you all rock....thankyou from the bottom of my heart for resueing this beautiful beautiful derserve medals xxx

  27. Unknown says:

    These people are just amazing...i love you !!

  28. Wonderful, Thank you so much for sharing

  29. Unknown says:

    Sending out a big hug to all the wonderful people involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of wolf. Against the odds you didn't give up and brought hope not just for wolf, but for us all that there is still love and compassion in the heat of man.

  30. Unknown says:

    thank you for saving the life of this wolf if only people all have the same amount of compassion as his rescuers this world would be a much safer place for wolves

  31. Blessed are you, the good people! You hold the whole world upon your shoulders. May Mother-Earth save and protect you.
    Peace and Love!

  32. Unknown says:

    For a wild wolf he sure was calm and took to his caregivers very well !! Thank you !

  33. Unknown says:

    Thank you! Sure gives us hope to see that there are still AMAZING people out there! <3

  34. Unknown says:

    Awesome. I am seldom proud of humanity but you have made me. Thank you. Love you and I love Navarre.

  35. ja says:

    Thank you to all the animal angels out there! Helps me get through my day.

  36. Unknown says:

    OMGOODNESS...Navarre is soooo lucky that you guys came along when you did....i don't know of many who would have gone that far to save this beautiful creature...thank you soooo much for this wonderful act of love and compassion !!!

  37. Unknown says:

    Thank you for all that you do! Animals deserve love, care and respect. You're one of God's angels!

  38. Unknown says:

    I wish more people were like that.the maybe some what of a better place..ty to the people who cared to try and save the wolf...

  39. That's one of the most beautiful videos I've seen all year <3

  40. Beautiful.

  41. All animals should be treated like this. Hunting them should be banned. It is the hunters that should be culled. Thanks to the kind people who saved this beautiful wolf

  42. So amazing. Thank you to these people who saved this beautiful wolf.

  43. Earthgal says:

    Absolutely beautiful! ♥

  44. NYguy32 says:

    What a great job these people did to save him!!! My heart goes out to ALL of you for your heroic efforts to save this wolf... It is WONDERFUL to see such dedicated people saving lives of these amazing animals. THANK YOU!

  45. bob says:

    makes u have faith in humans a gain

  46. bob says:

    make su have faith in humans again after many kill for fun

  47. neache says:

    some humanity still exists in this treacherous world Bless you for saving this beautiful life.

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