A dog staying with friends while his owner was away appeared to be missing his home so much he said: ‘I want my mummy.’

A 27-second video showing the groaning husky was uploaded online by Alex Bulmer last Monday. It starts with the dog whining as another brown puppy jumps up on a sofa in front of him.

A man, believed to be a friend of the dog’s owner, can then be heard asking: ‘Simba, what’s wrong?’

As Simba, whose name means lion in Swahili, walks around the lounge it then sounds like he is saying: 'I want my mummy.'

The clip, which has been viewed more than 177,000 times, ends with the man asking: 'What was that Simba?'

Admit it, we’ve all wished our dogs could talk to us so as we could have the chats and what not!


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