Tortoise chows down on delicious tomato

This might be the cutest snacktime ever. Look how happy this little tortoise is to have a tomato all to himself — he just needs a little help keeping it steady ...

That tomato may be small, but it's at least twice the size of the tortoise's little head. So this must be like, the best day ever for him.

Tortoise Diet Tips: Do not feed your tortoise dog or cat food, monkey chow, or any food that contains more than 15% protein. These will cause liver and kidney damage, as well as deformed shell growth.

Fruits, including cactus fruits, should only be offered as a special treat. Once a month or so you can give your tortoise a small piece of fruit such as a strawberry, a ¼ of a peeled banana, or a ¼ slice of peeled cantaloupe.

Fruit has too much sugar and water to be fed in large amounts, and should only be fed in moderation (no more than 10% of the diet). Sugar and starch disrupt digestion by changing the type of bacteria that live in the tortoise’s hindgut. Do not feed tortoises frozen vegetables or sodium-rich foods including canned vegetables, dairy products, breads, and celery.


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