A little puppy who was kidnapped from an animal shelter this week was not only delivered from the hands of criminals, he was saved for a lifetime by the person who rescued him.

 On Tuesday, two teenagers entered the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center in Florida and snatched the shepherd mix from his kennel before fleeing the scene undetected. Once shelter staff noticed he was missing, they reviewed surveillance footage and alerted the sheriff's office about the brazen dognapping.

Deputy Jennifer Bordonaro was called in to track the suspects down, aided by the fact that cameras had captured the teens' license plate number. Eventually, she managed to find and arrest the suspects, delivering the puppy to safety. Afterward, Bordonaro returned the puppy to the shelter — but he didn't stay for long.

Clearly smitten with the little dog, the officer decided to adopt him herself — ensuring that he would be safe and sound under her care forever. She's since named him Stryker, a name befitting of his charming personality.

"While the perpetrators are in the doghouse, Stryker will be king of the hill in his new home," the shelter wrote on Facebook. "Such a great story, right?"


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  1. love the happy beginnings for this precious baby and his wonderful human

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